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Ethical value generation here means the use of methods that meet three necessary conditions.

  • Investor value: The method must produce long-term expected value for the owner of the managed assets in form of significant risk-adjusted returns over and above standard benchmarks, after all costs have been deducted.
  • Social value: The method must produce wider benefits for society, typically by enhancing the efficiency of capital allocation and by helping to improve the management of the world’s macroeconomic risks.
  • Beneficial momentum: The dissemination of the method, i.e. its wider and more intense use across the financial community, must increase the returns of those that develop and deploy the method and the benefits for society at large.

The research posted on this site essentially draws from three sources.

  • Discussions with senior professionals in investment management, particularly in the macro trading field.
  • Relevant articles from academic authors or research institutes,
  • Applied research of market strategists and market economists.

ralphherukaphotoFounder and director of SRSV Ltd. is Ralph Sueppel. He has worked in economics and finance for almost 25 years for investment banks, the European Central Bank and leading hedge funds.

The Advisory Board

Saeed Amen, Co-founder of “the Thalesians” and founder of Cuemacro
Benoit Anne, Head of Investment Strategy & Risk Management, Liberty Mutual Group Asset
Kasper Bartholdy, Managing Director and Senior Emerging Markets Strategist, Credit Suisse
Radoslaw Bodys, Head of CEEMEA Rates Strategy, HSBC Bank
Julia Coronado, President and Founder of MacroPolicy Perspectives LLC
Simon Crooks, Chief Investment Officer, QS Investments
Gene Frieda, Executive Vice President and Global Strategist, Pimco Europe Limited
David Lubin, Head of Emerging Markets Economics, Citigroup Global Markets Limited
Nikos Makris, Chief Investment Officer, Macrosynergy Partners LLP
James McCormick, Global Head of Strategy, Natwest Markets
Ashur Nissan, Head of Commodities and EM Sales, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank

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